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Thanks. It was my wife's. LOL.

We traded-in my 05 Civc with 120k for 2012 CR-V for her.
And I took over her car.

I've been searching to do three things on this car.
- Remove 'Girl' sticker she put on the top box cover (not sure what that's called). It's been on there since she bought it.
- Trunk had a leak and I had to get rid of the wood tire cover. Now it's just the carpet sitting on top of the spare tire.
- Take the broken CD-Changer out and replace it with... ??

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Top compartment or top bin is what most seem to call it. I would think a little goo gone would take care of that sticker for you.

For the cd changer, when I upgraded my head unit I decided to ditch the cd changer. I ended up buying a bin that fits in that same spot for sentras that didn't come with a stock changer. Perfect fit and looked stock.

As for the trunk piece I think I went through like 3 before I decided to do without. There was someone on here who made a custom wood cover with hinges that seemed like it worked well.
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