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New info from Nissan Reps!!!

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It is official guys. We have some Nissan Represenitives at a Nissan Z meet in Dallas this evening, and they explained what is happening with all the cars. Basically this is what they said.

The Altima is gonna be the Maxima Size sedan. It will be slightly bigger than the current Maxima. It will have the 3.5L VQ 240hp Engine as the option, standard it will have the 170hp engine out of the SE-R. The Altima is also getting the same suspension that is on the Z.

The SE-R Sentra will have the same engiens you have heard about. It will also have 6spd, eibach springs and stiffer sways. That is how it will out handle a type R. From the factory.

The SE-R Maxima will have 260hp 3.5L VQ, 6spd, 18" wheels TLSD, and a body kit. Not much other than that.

Basically they said the 3.5L is Nissan's small block V8 he called it.

The trucks Frontier will get the 3.5L next year as well.

Also the Full size truck will get the new V8 320~ hp engine.

The amazing news is this engine will be in the new 2004 Maxima when it goes full-size. It will also be RWD and 320~ hp, going to a LSD. This is the new Maxima and will be BMW M5 comp.

This is straight from the NISSAN reps today in Dallas.


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All I have to say is, wow....Nissan is actually doing something...
But then again they are gonna make the Max a big boat. Oh well as long as it has
~320~ hp so it can get somewhere.


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If the new Max can seriously compete with the M5, Nissan is going to have something great on its hands! It's good to see Nissan returning to the sports car market.


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I don't know...about the size...I really don't like big cars and I like the Maxima the way it is now...oh well.
The Maxima as M5 competition?. I will believe that when I see it, 320hp won't be nearly enough.
This was coming from a Nissan mouthpiece so take it with a little salt.
320 hp vs 400???
i'd like a 320hp maxima, but i think it'll take more than that to take on the M5. also, i also think that if nissan really wants a competitor to the M5 it should do it under the infiniti lable.

Hmmmm...2004? I think my Sentra will be paid off in the beginning of 2005....

Sounds like Nissan has a well thought out plan. Thats a very good thing.


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RWD! RWD! RWD! a full sized rear wheel drive sedan! sign me up now!

that's great news about the upcoming alty too. too bad they have no turbo AWD's in the making.

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