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Certainly not new to the Sentra but I previously had an 05 spec v and now I have a daily driver 2003 spec v with only 87k miles. It sat in the garage for about 8+ years. Last summer we replaced spark plugs, coil packs, we also did an oil change for it about 2x. We also did the motor mounts, shocks. It ran one day and the week after it stopped. So we found out the fuel pump was bad so we replaced that as well. I’ve been driving it ever since. Now it’s Dec 22 of 2022. The car started to misfire yesterday on the way home from work. And has a P0300 code. I pulled each coilpack and found cylinder 4 spark plug tube is flooded with oil. I cleaned it up the best way I could and started it right back up and now the car is blowing smoke on the exhaust and it stinks really really bad. I pulled the coilpack again and there’s no sign of oil flooding it. I let it run for a significant amount of time and still not flooded. I don’t get how it got flooded the 1st time around all I remember is I did put an excessive amount of oil during the last oil change. I had some extra coil packs laying around and install it but it was still smelling but not as bad, no more smoke however. Could it be the plugs being fouled after still cleaning it?

car has some Bolt ons like DC header, hotshot cold air intake, apex ws2 exhaust.
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