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I just bought a GXE w/ the performance package. I also added on the spoiler. I'm pretty new....really new to the whole idea of adding on mods. I want to add to the look and performance of my ride anyway possible. Are there any cheap and easy mods I can get out there? Most of the mods and parts I'm seeing are for the older model sentras. Any tips/help I can get would be great. Thanks a lot.

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First off welcome to the boards:)

But all we have so far for our specific years for body styling are,
and http://www.erebunicorp.com

And for performance we have
http://www.placeracing.com Cold Air Intakes
http://www.unorthodoxracing.com Pulley's
http://www.Hotshot.com Headers,Cold Air Intake,Pop cone intake
http://www.Stromung.com Cat-back exhaust
http://www.Stillen.com rear muffler section,headers,pop-cone intake
http://www.knfilters.com drop in filters
http://www.brembo.com has a big brake kit
http://www.b-gsuspension.com soon to have coilovers
http://www.eibach.com has pro-kit and sportline lowering springs

There's a few more I probably missed,,,but I'm sure someone else can tell ya:)

Interior styling
http://www.katzkin.com leather seats skins
http://www.leatherseats.com leather seat skins
http://www.jltroy.com stereo installation kits
http://www.woodtrim.com has carbon fiber,woodgrain,and brushed aluminum dash kits.
SMC has short shifters if you have an manual tranny,,also they have stainless steel brake lines....

If I missed anything which I'm sure I did someone please list it:)

Hope this helped ya out a bit.....:)

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A GXE w/ performance package?
When I got mine, there were only Convenience Package and Luxury Package.

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First welcome to the board.

I think you mean the Luxury Package? As far as i know, the pp only go with the SEs....or is that something new? :confused:

Just stick around and you will be able to get lots of help here. Enjoy you ride!

And for improving the performance, i would say the more money you spend, the more performance your car gains. :)
There are no too many choices for the b15 yet, so it shouldn't be hard for you to choose. :)

and SS pretty much listed almost all the sites for our car. have fun and see you around!

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It seems the option packages may work differently between the U.S. and Canada...
In the States you have to opt forthe "Convenience Package" which entails:
• 60/40 Split fold-down rear seat
• Remote keyless entry with trunk release
• Rear auxiliary power outlet
• Valet key
And the "Luxury Package":
(Requires GXE Convenience Package)
• 15" Aluminum alloy wheels (5-spoke)
• P195/60HR15 Performance tires
• Premium CD audio system (180 watts)
• Seven speakers
• Vehicle security system
• Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer System
• Overhead sunglasses holder
• Illuminated vanity mirrors
• Map lights
Where I purchased (Ontario, Canada) the GXE comes with the Convenience Package as a given and then you just have to opt for the Luxury set...
Now, I put the "Touring Package" on my GXE and that landed me:
- Spoiler
- 14" Alloys
- Dealer-installed Alpine CD-changer (no premuim system)
- Exhaust finisher
Is this (well-priced) package available in the U.S. or is it just something they stewed up for frugal Canadians?
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