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Hey everyone!

I have a 2001 Sentra SE with PP and 5spd.

This morning when I went to start up my car it would only crank, but not turnover. I then turned the key to "ON" and heard the fuel pump working. But I noticed that the tach needle was jumping up and down crazily and the "check engine light" did not come on with all the other red lights. In addition, I heard a zapping type noise coming from the glove box area (maybe ecu?). After the zapping noise ended the tach dropped back down and the ce light came on like it suppose to. I then started up the car and it started up fine with everything working and no ce light.

Any ideas? It has been having this issue after I haven't drove my car for the past week and now it seems to have the short zapping noise everytime I start the car.
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