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Hello I'm Tyler, I have come to your form because most of you guys here are pretty knolagable about the qr25de. I have an L31 altima with a few mods (4-1 xs header, 03 block 07+ internals, magnaflow high flow cat, Megan racing cat back, baked headlights, 35% all around tint, debadged, and lots of stickers!!!:D ) with a few more mods to come (Sentra SER trans swap, turbo, and every possible suspension modification possible to make it handle better). I am hoping to avoid all the [email protected]$*t with people saying get a vq or sell your car and find an altima SER. I have read through some threads on the forum and feel this is the right place to be. I look forward to collaborating with many of you.
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