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My car doesn't chirp from 1st to 2nd anymore.

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When my car was new (right after the break -in) the car used to chirp when I redlined first and shifted into 2nd. Now after I added the Stromung exhaust and Hotshot CAI, the car definitely pulls harder at high rpms but it doesn't chirp from 1st to 2nd anymore... Here are a couple of possibilities that I could think of. Is it cuz maybe my clutch was brand new before and it gripped better? Or maybe after my tires were broken in, they are a little stickier and it gets better traction. Or is there something wrong with my car? Please tell me it's not number 3...
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My car has been acting up lately too. Ever since I reset the ECU and had to have my car set up with the airbox mod, it has never been the same. However, in your case I think it is hard to pinpoint a cause.

For instance, the weather has been changing in my neck of the woods. It was averaging in the mid-30's when I first bought the car, and now it is up in the 50's--70's. As the temperature goes up, density altitude increases (which is the altitude at which your car will perform.) This change can be very dramatic. Additionally, tires tend to grip better in warmer temps.

I also noticed in my car that the clutch isn't as grabby as it was when it was brand new. It was almost annoying initially because it was difficult to get a smooth engagement.

Perhaps there are several factors to consider.

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Guys,guys ...stock clutch of Sentra's can not handle to much extra power including bolt-ons ,they can ! but with the time the wear quickly! :( Just an advice .That's why I replaced the stock one see my mods.I feel the same as you as the time passes.

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Weapon R circuit pro suspension(adjustable),the car is dropped at the front 1.5" and at the rear 1.2"
And the best modification the car has is the Driver :D no kidding :D
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So how much is a clutch upgrade gonna cost me? And how is the pedal effort after the mod?
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