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My car is pretty much stock - AEM CAI, mm, Jeff's Gizmo, adv timing (19*), gee... one real mod, rest are free/ghetto/cheap. :)

Still on stock Firestones (to add to the stupidest thing someone said about cars - someone took a look at my tires and told me that Firehawks were great - you know who you are, but I'm not saying who, lol), 44 psi front, 40 psi rear (per trance34's advice).

I don't rem what I had my tire pressure set at before, but my car was rotating real well (not a whole lotta understeering), but this time around (my 2nd try at autoXing), I was understeering like crazy!

Also 3-wheelin' at tight corners (maybe I'm not inputing smooth enough?)

Was wondering if it may be suspension that I need to work on or better tires.

Videos should be available when I get free time to divx them up and find someone to host it.
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