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For all the guys with stock mufflers on. Are your tips starting to rust? The muffler itself is starting to get some brown suff on the surface.

Should I take it in?

SR20DE..Sorry Si guys.
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The little bit of corrosion is normal wear and tear. The exhaust system is made of aluminized steel so it will rust. But don't worry, the metal is very thick and the rust on the outside will not affect the performance or life of the muffler. Whenever exhaust systems get holes, it's from rotting from the INSIDE-OUT. Water condensation builds up inside the exhaust pipes whenever you start your car or let it sit for a while. If your exhaust doesn't get up to proper operating temperature for the proper amount of time, the water condensation just stays in your exhaust pipe. Then when you park it again, there is just a pool of water sitting in your pipes and causes it to rust from the inside out.

The rust on the outside is ugly but it won't affect the longevity of the muffler. It can probably be removed with some rust remover. You can maybe try spray painting it with some high temperature rust inhibitor.
I've done this to my last couple of cars, and it has worked well:

1. Clean the muffler very well, to remove
any surface rust and debris.
2. Buy some high temp. engine/header
paint, any color you'd like.
3. Paint your muffler, but avoid clogging
up any weep holes the muffler may need
for draining purposes.

I did this on my old Accord, and after three
years, the muffler still looked new when I sold it.

As far as the tips go, I guess you'd have to
buy a quality aftermarket set, unless engine
paint comes in chrome. :)

2001 Sentra SE, PP, 5-Speed, Sunroof.

PR CAI, Kenwood KFC-1738Cs (rear)
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I took my stock exhaust off to put the new one and I was amazed at the amount of rust on both the stock muffler and mid-pipe.....
For all of you that live in a climate that gets snow and they use salt or sand,,,here's a little tip for ya I noticed that on the top of the muffler it collects alot of salt/sand so you might wanna get a hose and spray it down under there really good...


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I noticed the same thing Styling. Its one of the reasons I wanted to buy the SS system, to replace the corroded piece that came with the car. I suspect the engine paint procedures will definately prolong the use of the stocks.

2001 Blackout SE w/ PP, sunroof, debadged, Stromung exhaust, more to come...
I got rust on my SE chrome tips and brought it in to the dealer to get another. My new one is starting now too so I think its just sh|tty materials.

- JC -

2000 Sentra SE 5-spd, Sunroof, in Radium
I am not at all worried about the performance, it is just unsightly. I am probably going to get a cat-back in the next year, so I can live with it until then.

SR20DE..Sorry Si guys.
I noticed rust on my muffler like the second day I had the car. None on the tips as of yet, and you have to bend down to see the rust in between the tips themselves on the muffler. Thought I would have to wait for a while longer before I started to see any of the brown stuff on my brand new car :)

2001 SE, Radium, W/PP. 17% all around tint, Dark charcoal leather interior.
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