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Mods and Emissions

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Okay peeps,

It's great that the BB is back, thanks for the hard work Russ!! You rule!! Anyhow, I was wondering, lets say I get Headers, CAI and exhaust will I pass emmissions? Or will I have to get around it some how?? Like taking it off every time I do smog check, which is every year right?
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They ditched emmisions in florida last year, so I dont have to worry about any of that. I really don't know if your car will pass emmisions but I don't see why not. There is just more air coming out, and your cat is still attached. I will ask some friends of mine tonight and get you an answer. Only thing, I think CA's emmisions laws are more stringent than FL's.

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Unless they changed it, CA emissions is every two years. You could still probably pass the sniffer test with I/H/E. Only thing is the visual part. I remember two years ago, they wouldn't even TEST my Civic cuz they SAW my ram air intake. What a load of crap! Just find a place that isn't too anal about the visual and you should be fine. Anyone here know about the CA emissions laws? Have they gotten stricter in the last two years?

Azninvazion, damn you and damn Florida for ditching emissions! Just playin bro. :D

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The headers would be your only area of concern. You lose 1 of 2 catalytic converters, which may effect your cars ability to pass the emissions test. I never owned a new car when I lived in California, so I don't know how stringent the test is.

The exhaust won't effect you at all. Your not messing with any emissions devices, so you'll be okay.

The intake would only effect your visual inspection. I don't think it would be a major area of concern. As long as the PCV hose is connected, your good to go.

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Okay, if the intake is the only thing then I'll just take it out before smog check, shouldn't be too trouble.

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