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Anyone on here going?????? Heres the list of events

The LARGEST PRODUCTION Teckademics East has ever undertook is finally here!!! The largest ever Teckademics East Car event happens this year!

Everyone is invited to the largest import car aficionado lifestyle event on the east coast.

When - Sunday September 12, 2004

Where - MARYLAND INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY Click on MIR for directions. The only place that is large enough to handle an event of this magnitude.

Admission - $20 adults $5 Kids 6-11 ages $5 off with flyer per person.

Coupon - Save, Reproduce, and Print this flyer and return it to recieve $5 OFF per person per flyer.

Supporting websites www.adrenalincrew.com www.teamvirtuosity.com www.dtmpower.net www.bimmerfesteast.com www.motivonline.com www.crossroadonline.com www.hyperstreetracing.com www.teckademics.com www.teckademicseast.com www.mirdrag.com www.importvelocity.org www.sevmusic.com www.eastcoastclothing.com www.raceapeel.com www.comcage.com www.levid.com www.highrollersrun.com

Contest's - Burnout Contest, Breakdancing Contest, Ms.Teckademics East Bikini Contest

Exhibitions - Breakdancing presented by All Ways Rockin, Exotic Show Cars presented by Criswell Automotive Group, Skatebording presented by East Coast Clothing, Ms.Teckademics East Bikini Competition presented by Import Velocity.

Trophy Classes - Trophy Size and # of posts 1 of each
Racer Winners 32" 2
Racer runner-Ups 18" 1
Ms.Teckademics East Bikini Winner 32" 3
Burnout Contest 32" 3
B-Boy or B-Girl Group Participation 48" 4
Best of Show 48" 4
Best Paint of Show 32" 3
Best Engine of Show 32" 3
Best Interior of Show 32" 3
Top 25 Show Winners 24" 2 - 25 trophies
Best ICE 24" 2
Best Still Under Construction 18" 1
Best Body Mods 18" 1
Most Detail Award 18" 1
Best Display in Show 18" 1
The Lowest Lowrider Award 18" 1
Best Vinyl Graphics 18" 1
Judges Choice Award 18" 1 3 trophies

Hotel info

All vendors are allowed to come. The more the merrier. Also please start planning your convoy's to this event.

If you are coming out of town go to the MIR website, I think the closest thing is a Holiday Inn. But get your rooms quick there arent to many Hotels in this area.

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"Everyone is invited to the largest import car aficionado lifestyle event on the east coast."

Has Teckademics sold out??? sounds like it to me. Another import lifestyle event...great!

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so i take it that no one is interested in going??? It would be nice to see some other sentras beside mine
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