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As you all may or may not know. I am organizing the Sentra Network Performance Part Engineer Relief Fund (SNAP-PERF) on The Sentra Network. I have recently assigned Mike Kojima the position of distributing all funds collected or donated to the fund. Both Mike's work very closely together to bring you aftermarket parts for your Sentra. Mike K. is currently working on QG18 parts where he needs your help the most. They both have the contacts, the knowledge, and hearts of many Nissan enthusiasts. Do they have yours?

SNAP-PERF is currently raffling off a set of Motivational Engineering Rear Shock Mounts for $5.00 an entry. I know these may not fit the B15 Sentra's, but I also have William Glenn supporting the fund by donating more parts to be raffled next. You can win some pretty nice stuff for cheap! Plus, you're supporting the people who have been supporting you!

Please show your support for this fund. Mike and Mike are busting their balls for us. Shouldn't we be doing something for them?

This fund is our way of having influence on the Nissan Sentra aftermarket community. Yes, it is a matter of money. It always has been. I don't care if you buy a raffle entry for $5.00 or donate just $1.00 or more, every bit helps.

You can show your support by visiting

Please people, Mike is counting on you!

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