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MD 54: Paradigm Shift

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Worlds smallest banana tree...
So small it's just roots... :p
it is STILL bothering me thank you for asking.
LOL! Call some college late-night DJ; maybe they will know. I knew one once, she was knowledgable.
so sick :(
Too much sauerkraut or too many sausages?

Feel better yo! If it is a cold thing, i bet they have some great schnapps over there.
it is STILL bothering me thank you for asking.
Well? {tapping foot} C'mon Ms. Mensa, name that tune. :p
Such a gorgeous day, I need to get out of here dang it!

Got an email from Comcast saying they launched a program where you can monitor your data usage month to month. Apparently, you are limited to 250GB/month.

As of 3/17/2010 I'm sitting at 262GB. Guess I'll be getting a phone call...
250GB of downloading? Sounds like your current setup is going to cause you some issues.
Pron much? Good grief, 250 gigs?

Good Morning Northerners!
I think their counter is wrong. There is absolutely no way
Took a half day for personal sanity... there's no way I was putting up with work crap when it's this nice out :)
I feel like a bucket of crap today. Omg Jameson was a bad choice.
The Squirrels will die.
Was that seriously from squirrels?
If so, i wonder if they fall for peanut butter on the rat traps, like rats do?

Alternatively, i cannot explain the level of fun i've had with the pellet gun i got last year. If my childhood BB gun had had a scope & the power of this thing, i could have put out many, many eyes. :D
After I fix it tonight I will put antifreeze and moth balls on and around those areas. Luckily i can use a soder gun and can fix it myself. I would hate to have t pay for a new wire harness.
Antifreeze kills reeeeeeally slowly; they might wash it down with some more wiring harness. If you use a rat trap, you could get a nice trophy out of it. I rather doubt the local taxidermist would stuff-n-mount it for you, but properly cleaned, the skull would make a damn freaky hood ornament. :D
Yes, slow painfull death. I also heard cayenne pepper works wonders.
I also heard cayenne pepper works wonders.
LOL! I may have to try that on some of the ones in the yard, could be funny.
ugh get home today and im at 273GB. :eek:
ugh get home today and im at 273GB. :eek:
Good grief, don't you have carpal tunnel yet?
641 - 660 of 670 Posts
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