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Maxima/Altima/Sentra LSD Transmission

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Getting a bit of info from nissan club and maxima and SR20 forums on the 6 speed transmissions used in the Altima and Maxima and later Sentra SE-R. Nissan seems to have shared the housing in each and as such between versions of Maxima and even across models the tranny sare cross compatible. Allowing for a 5 speed MT Altima to take a 6 speed VLSD or HLSD MT from a Maxima, from my understanding.

From the FAST diagrams below detailing the transmission in all it's parts it looks like I'm in a possition to do the same. So I might find that a RS6F51H from a 6th gen Maxima will bolt right onto my engine along with uprated clutch and flywheel to go with it. Upshot of which will mean I'll be good for over 300lbft of torque.

While I continue research on this, does this make sense to anyone? Is anyone savvy with these cars? It would be a great help :)

Here's a diagram from FAST of my final drive:

Transmission case and clutch release:

Clutch cover and disk:

They compare well to a 2007+ Sentra,the QR25 Maxima and from the Maxima boys have been saying, also the Altima.

It would be interesting to know from these if anyone can see if an uprated clutch and/or flywheel looks compatible with the aforementioned cars please :)
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So I have an 04 maxima with a 5spd out of an altima anyone have info or seen this swap?
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