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I'm having major power issues with my '01 GXE. I had codes P0171, P0174, and P0300. At idle it runs smoothly with no issues. If I floor it and hold at wide open throttle it starts to rev at first and then bogs down and holds at about 1800-2000 RPM and starts sputtering.

I replaced fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator due to the P0171 & 0174 codes with no change. I replaced MAF sensor last year so I have my doubts that it's the problem but there is always a chance it could be going bad. Both down stream 02 sensors were replaced about 2 months ago b/c of codes telling me they were bad. I'm not sure what else to try. Also replaced 1 coil a couple months ago along with new NGK Iridium plugs.

I'm at 246,000 miles and would like to at least make 300K! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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Hmm, yeah I'm not too sure about the B15 ones, because I haven't had that problem with mine. My old B13 had the "flat-Spot" problem, and it was because the EGR valve was bad. It would cause major power loss and the RPM's would go up but you wouldn't accelerate.

Cleaned out the EGR and ran perfect for a while, but just kept getting clogged, I would have had to just buy a new EGR Valve.

But like I said, I have no idea about the newer ones, but its worth a short I suppose.

Edit: Have you tried premium fuel to see if that works? If not, try running a full tank of premium.

Edit 2: I went ahead and looked up the code, and got a website stating the following:

"P0171" - Possible causes:

- Intake air leaks
- Faulty front heated oxygen sensor
- Ignition misfiring
- Faulty fuel injectors
- Exhaust gas leaks
- Incorrect fuel pressure
- Lack of fuel
- Faulty Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor
- Incorrect Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) hose connection

Read more: http://engine-codes.com/P0171.html#ixzz1wnb1mWHL

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P0171 NISSAN - Fuel Injection System Too Lean Bank 1
P0174 NISSAN - Fuel Injection System Too Lean Bank 2
P0300 NISSAN - Cylinder Misfire Detected Random Cylinders

the codes are a little vague, other than youre lean and got misfires. this could be anything from a cam or crank sensor, maf, bad primary o2 sensors, messed up iacv or egr. but it only going up to 2000 rpms sounds like maf or cam/crank sensor. make sure your battery terminals are tight and ground has good contact.
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