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keys with the micro chip

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does anybody know if the key with the micro chip is water proof? it it gets submerged in salt water, will it damage the key?
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yes and no.

Great answer!! I don't know it before, but "yes and no" helps me a lot. Thanks 2000SE. What would we do without you?

SR20DE..Sorry Si guys.
he asked 2 questions did he not?

1st question...yes
2nd question...no

LOL! The insane logic of 2000SE strikes again. :D

Anyone here ever try to start the car w/o the chip key? I have this spare key card that I got from AAA. Works fine on doors, but I tried it out on the ignition. (Suprise!) It doesn't start. The car just cranks and cranks.

Mind you, if you're dumb and bored like me and wanna try it, you have to disconnect the negative battery terminal and then reconnect it again to get it to start again afterwards. Otherwise, it still won't start... even with the real key.

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Wanna know a cool trick. The boys over at Ford told my bf to figure out how to bypass the chip system. SO he spend about 3 hours working on it. If you get the chip out of the key..should be under all the plastic...and find just the right spot you can trick it. You need to use lots of trial and error. Find the right spot on the steering column, super glue it or tape it, and you can use any kind of key in there.(and not worry about it getting wet)
Theres some useless info for all of you.


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i always wanted to attach it to my watch and act like James Bond or something.

that way no one can ever start the car but me while i wear my watch!
cool ain it???

oh, another question sorta relevant to this one. i'd like to install a kill switch, but not like that little 'KEY' type that you insert before the ignition key. i mean more like a hidden switch. i work at the local car wash and this dood has this tricked out Vette. (Corvertte, not Chevette!) anyways, he says that we first have to slide the seat back all the way to make the first contact. then slide it all the way forward to make the 2nd contact. then slide the seat into any comfortable driving position without sliding it all the way back (cuz it disables the system).

anyone ever heard of that before???

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Hehe, I'm gonna post stuff about my Prelude again, sorry guys, but I'm a Sentra fan, but a Prelude owner, but it's relevent.
The guy from the Honda dealer says "If your key do happen to drown in a spilled glass of water, take it out of the water, dry it off as quickly as possible, other wise, when it gets shocked, the chip will be gone, and we'll have to order a new one from Japan, which takes about a month"
First, there are no electrical current within the key of course, so it won't get shorted by itself, unless, you drop your battery in to that water too, or gave it some hyper static shock... in that case... it could happen with or without the water.
I won't know about that salt thing, but salt is for food, not for cars... I wouldn't want salt on my Sentra (when I get it)... (oh yah, road salt, well... do the best you can to spray it off at the local car wash)

As for that seat on that vette??! HAHAHA... that's the funniest thing I've heard :D
Is there a combination code you gotta do with the seat? :p JUST KIDDING, but here is what I wanna know: What if I'm really tall and I need my seat all the way to the back (I know being too tall for those big sports car are nearly impossible like my Lude, but for civics, z3, s2000, or the sentra for that matter, I need the seats all the way to the end...)
Anyway... why would you wanna get a system like that? just get a good decent alarm system that has fuel line control, it cuts the fuel line if the alarm is still there.
Oh, here's another question, why would he tell you this so you can spread it all over the car wash and the internet about his little "security" thing? hahaha.

Anyway... enjoy my thoughts!

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Just to let anyone know that is thinking about tampering with the key and the chip,,,,,My friend owns a 99 Nissan Frontier and his key looks just like ours and he paid about $70 bucks for a key that hey had to have re-placed.....


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