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hello everyone, im new to the site but not to the b15.

who out there has done (themselves or helped physically) the JWT tuned b14 ecu in the b15 sentra? i ask cause i just did the conversion and now i have a 3 thousand pound paper weight.

i did all the soldering and modifications myself (made my own conversion harness) with the help of the JGY customs write up on the b14 ecu swap, but to no avail. can get it to fire up for a split second but wont actually run. i have heard that you have to swap out the entire intake manifold so you have the b14 iacv and tps, but the JGY site never mentioned anything about swapping anything besides the ecu.

just thought i would ask before i scrap this project and just swap in the vq35, i wish. lol

thanks kyle botero
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