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Just hit 6k should i rotate tires now?

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I just hit 6000 in my beloved 2k1. Just wondering should i take it to the dealer and get the tires rotated now or should i wait until later?...btw...i don't drive too fast or too hard.


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Yea man.. whatever the manual says. Rotating tires is always a great idea. Mostly I don't do it because I guess I like throwing money away on buying tires all the time.


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OK,,,,flips open manual and turns to page 8-39 and reads to you guys....

Tire Rotation:
Tires should be rotated every 7,500 miles(12,000KM)
remembering to to torque the lug nuts to 73 to 86 FT-LB (98 to 117 N-m)

I hoped this helped


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I ain't bothering to rotate those piece of crap that came with the car. I'm gonna wear them out so I can buy a proper set of wheels...money's tight right now... Funny thing is that while they are horrible in snow, after 15K miles, they show very little wear.

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generally, it's good to rotate your tires with every oil change.

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