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Hello everyone. Welcome to my progress page for my 02 Spec V. This thread will kind of be like an online diary of whats going on, pictures included. I plan on first restoring the car to stock looks and spec, and then modifying from there on. Read on and find out more!

March 1st 2007

Check page 2 for pics!

Whats going on guys, about 2-3 weeks ago I picked up a red 02 spec v. i purchased it for 3700 bucks, and it needs a few things. It has 71k miles, i dunno, its dirty and needs some help. The motor bay is dirty, and some parts under the hood are improperly installed and rusted. This thread will show the long process of me turning this piece into a beautiful daily driver.

What I will be doing in this thread:
-Constantly updating with pics
-Fixing everything broken
-Restoring the paint and detailing the hell out of it.
-Some body work is necessary, later down the road.

What the car needs:
-New headlights, LF is cracked/damaged
-New tail lights, RR is damaged
-Needs both mirrors repainted
-Needs both bumpers repainted
-Entire car needs detailing
-A new header, SS autochrome is ****ty, cheap and stupid. and has an exhaust leak not to mention.
-A new exhaust, its some cheap ghetto rigged 2.25" setup with a skunk2 can.
-A lot of interior parts, some ricer who had the car before painted a lot of the pieces like the top bin etc.
-Has a big power steering leak, it needs the lines from the cooler to reservoir.
-New spark plugs, its throwing misfire codes and starts like ****.

March 4th 2007

Check page 2 for pics!

-Fixed the CEL problem... the plugs that were in there were over a 1/2" smaller than the stock size!!! that'll cause crap starts and such. Replaced em with Denso Iridium's :). Runs smooth as butter.
-Removed old broken P/S lines, installed the new ones. NO LEAKS NOW!
-Cleaned up the engine bay a little got rid of all of the leaked out P/S fluid.
-Installed Alpine CVA-1004 6.5" screen/deck.
-Installed brand new interior pieces (top bin, hvac control cover, panel under that, new cup holder-shift boot piece, mirror switch) all new from dealership.
-Hooked up my Microsoft Zune to the deck ;).

March 10th 2007

Check page 3 for pics!

-Installed brand new headlights and bulbs
-Installed new tail light on right side
-CLEANED up dash, and front two door panels, got a lot more to go. still need to shampoo the interior carpet and detail it.
-Washed the car.... then 2 hours later it rained.
-Borrowed some HID's temporarily and threw them in lol ;).
-Cleaned and washed engine bay up.
-Made the busted drive side fender somewhat presentable, pulled it out somewhat.
-Got the car registered!

March 15th 2007

-Just got emissions done, PASSED. Funny story, on my way to emissions, the car threw a code! and you could hear it misfire when it started. (the #4 spark plug tip i broke, new one coming today). So i whipped out my mac tools mini scanner that i bought for 50 bucks, cleared the codes, brought it there, passed with flying colors . Now my fricken ABS light is on... might have something to do with him jumping on the dyno with it... ill investigate.
-Found out thats all it was, car cleared up down the road.

April 18th 2007

Check page 5 for pics!

-Took some pics at the Danbury mall
-Car has been running ok, ok gas mileage

June 12th 2007

Check page 7 for pics!

-Over a month ago car misfired like a bastard and eventually died and wouldn't start on the side of the road. Finally after 45 minutes, car barely started, drove it to my shop. I finally got to look at it.
-Pulled the plugs, found a lot of fluid in cyl #2, and some in #3. My oil was just changed (by me of course) about 1000 miles ago, and now the oil is the color of chocolate milk... obviously the coolant and oil mixed here.
-So now its a cracked head or a bad head gasket. Went to the dealer, got a new head gasket kit, includes etc gasket, valve seals, the whole nine yards.
-I already am halfway pulling the head off, decided I'm just gonna pull the motor, do it that way. The timing chain cover is a ***** because its so close to the motor mount and the frame. In the meantime after the engine is pulled, I will inspect the block for cracks or issues, clean the engine bay completely, wax it as well. I will also clean the engine if it is still good, as well as rebuild the motor with whatever broken parts.
-I regret straying away from Honda. I should have just dumped 5-8g's into a bone stock civic and it would have been sweet.

June 21st 2007

Check page 7 for pics!

- Finally got some time today after work to pull my motor.
- Motor was pulled with no issues.
- Seems like I gotta replace a lot of gaskets and seals on this bugger if its good.
- This weekend I will separate the trans from the motor, and I will put the motor on the engine stand.
- I will then tear the head off from the bottom end, inspect for damage and go on from there.
-If the head is cracked, I will be in need of one (so people who have good head.......... no pun intended.......... keep your eyes open on this thread.)
-If the block is bad (cracked sleeve/s or anything) I will be in need of an entire motor, I would rather get the head and short block of another motor
-Hopefully itll be just a head gasket.

June 23rd 2007

Check page 8 for pics!

-Finally got to tear take the head off the short block.
-Steam cleaned all grease and grime off the engine.
-Inspected for damage, could not find crack in the block/sleeves/head/or head gasket.
-Have to send head and block to machine shop for tolerances (i don't have the tools for extremely precise measurements) to see if everything is ok and perfectly flat. I don't wanna slap a new head gasket on and have the same problem because of a warped head or short block.

August 23rd 2007

Check page 9 for pics!

-I haven't been on in a while and due to financial problems the car was held back for a while.
-The purpose of this rebuild has been based around fixing and upgrading Nissans original problems so they would never bust again, like the butterflies, precat, valve springs, head gasket, and thermostat / engine temp issues.
-Heres some stuff I've done over the past month:
-Sent the head to get machined and resurfaced and cleaned.
-Cleaned entire engine bay head to toe, degreased, everything, including dirt and grime in wheel wells, front end behind the bumper, bumper crash bar everything.
-Installed semi used mint Tein S-Tech springs all around.
-Installed extremely mint '06 Spec V wheels with near new Continental tires. I'm excited about this, no more shaking due to bent wheels and unbalanced tires.
-Installed brand new Clutchmasters Stage 1 clutch kit with new throw out bearing.
-Installed JWT valve springs in head, had the machine shop clean the head as well.
-Painted the transmission High temp black, alot of coats. Looks hawt lol.
-Painted the grilles on the bumper high temp black, has a nice rough valve cover bumpy look to it.
-Changed every possible gasket on the cars engine.
-Used Ultra Blue permatex RTV throughout the engine where necessary, an awesome RTV unlike Nissans crap.
-Gave the car a valve adjustment, installed new valve lifters.
-Installed new black Energy Motor Mount Inserts.
-You guys will love this: I found that Honda and Nissans filter is identical... and since I have 6 honda filters layin around (not to mention my undying love for honda) i installed a new Honda oil filter ;p that goes to all the civic haters!
-Changed over to Mobil 1 10w30 full synthetic.
-Installed new thermostat on engine bottom end.
-Installed new water pump.
-Installed new 02 sensor, routed in a new way, used wire loom to make it look factory.
-Installed new Nismo radiator cap
-Filled transmission with GM synthetic 75w90, this stuff is awesome trust me.
-Kept the exhaust setup I had before, installed new gaskets from header back to prevent leaks. Installed new metric hardware as well.
-Painted valve cover gold, sanded down, primed with 2 coats, 5 coats of color, 2 coats of clear. Came out very well.
-Loctited the butterflies.
-Since the both the head and block are aluminum, they should run at the same temperature. But Nissan has the head running at 200 degrees and the bottom end at 175. This is why we have two thermostats. I run my cars hard, and this will not be acceptable since I will track this car and run it hard for a while. This temp difference will warp the head and pop my head gasket once again. So I took the thermostat on the head, cut it out, pressed in a piece I made, and just made it a restrictor, this way the coolant still flows with pressure and takes heat with it, and make the entire engine run ~175. Lets see how the head gasket holds up now.
-The car started up as if it was running the other day. A turn key engine. Took all week to do in my spare time. Installed the engine/trans/harness a few days ago.
-No engine oil leaks, no coolant leaks, no trans fluid leaks, no exhaust leaks. Car is mint.
-Car is back on the road and runs like it was brand new!! NO CEL codes!
-Send me a PM lets drive!

September 20th 2007

-Rebadged the entire car, had to wait on a couple emblems. Came today, wam, looks gorgeous! how can you guys want no badges?
-Installed stock header, midpipe, and catback, all items have less than 8k total miles. All items off 06's as well.
-Since the stock header kills our motors, i gutted the cat on the header so it will not clog up and kill the engine :).
-Fixed the one CEL i had for an evap leak, fixed a broken vacuum canister tip. Also installed new vacuum hosing.
-Rerouted back 02 sensor.
-Ordered Vortekz's Vortex Generators :) i think ill be the first sentra to pull this off, stay tuned!

September 27th 2007

Check page 11 for pics!

-Decided to rip apart the car alil bit (most of the interior, rear bumper) and clean ALOT of stuff that hasnt been touched since the original owner bought it. There is some NASTY **** in the center console thing, its from the 1st owner... disguisting. gotta clean that
-Shampooing carpet, seats, cleaning all plastic pieces FRONT AND BACK, and armor-alling them, clean windows. Then obviously clean the exterior.
-Removed the crash bar that was destroyed from a fender bender. I will be ordering a new one soon, I will not ride around without one lol
-Fixed the small amount of damage to the rear of the unibody.
-Install my new vacuum canister and switches (i broke the last one)
-Bleed coolant system, seems to have an air pocket.
-Installed vortex generators on the roof, im giving this a shot i havent seen anyone with a b15 sentra do this before.
-Car is rebadged 100% now.
-Got a mint pair of front Brembo Calipers for the front. Props to ADAM! They will be off to the powdercoaters this week!

October 14th 2007

Check page 12 for pics!

-Finally got the car back together once again for cleaning.
-Cleaned seats and restored them back to original color, shampooed etc.
-Washed the shell underneath carpet etc.
-Did a basic wash to the car since it was waxed about 4 weeks ago.
-Washed and armoralled every single plastic piece in the interior, looks so nice!
-Cleaned the gunk crap out of the center console
-pretty much an interior makeover...
-Put a seatcover on the driver side so it doesnt get dirty again
-Car has the JDM air spenser air freshener (smells so good, squash!!!)

October 21st 2007

Check page 13 for pics!

-Hosted the SE-R/Spec V meet in CT in my hometown of bridgewater. Had a good *** time. Good people, good food, good pics.
-Got the missing bracket for my engine cover from Jim, thanks man!
-Got the upgraded rear Sentra carpet piece, thanks Mickey!

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I wouldn't say the SSAC header is a bad choice. I had one on my old Spec and I thought it was a quality piece. Sure I leaked from the donut gasket, but almost all Specs with headers do because of the extra flow from deleting the pre-cat.

If there were some things wrong with the header, you could always get a new SSAC(now known as XS Racing) for $160 shipped.

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Great... I just got a freaking SSAC because I heard they performed great and were innexpensive... Any POSITIVE feedback from the SSAC 3 piece? I heard that they bought their design from hotshot. I'm looking to put mine in this weekend along with an unorthodox crank pulley.

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do you guys actually think a 100 dollar header is going to outperform a 500 dollar header (nismo) in quality, sound, and performance? lol cmon guys be real. us honda guys are used to 1000 dollar headers, j's racing, mugen, spoon, mmmmm so tasty and sick

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deVic said:
do you guys actually think a 100 dollar header is going to outperform a 500 dollar header (nismo) in quality, sound, and performance? lol cmon guys be real. us honda guys are used to 1000 dollar headers, j's racing, mugen, spoon, mmmmm so tasty and sick
I'm not saying that, but I thought for the price, it was a decent piece.

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deVic said:
us honda guys are used to 1000 dollar headers,...
...that net about 3whp.

You come off sounding like a c0cky know it all in your other posts. For the money SSAC isn't a bad piece and a $500 Nismo header doesn't offer the best gains either (or quality)

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Shift_SER said:
Refering yourself as a 'Honda guy' should be a bannable offense on this forum.
really why's that?? got somethin bad to say about the cars that changed the industry?

anyways back to the thread, pics will be up this weekend, along with before and after pics.

Need an opinion:, should i put the factory nissan badge on the front or the SER badge?

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deVic said:
really why's that?? got somethin bad to say about the cars that changed the industry?
It's sarcasm...get used to it. :rolleyes:

I think all that's being said is your posts thus far do sound as if you're a "know it all" and that you're here to shed light on the B15 world that some of us don't know about. And your statement about Nismo being the best is a very "fanboi" type comment. Don't get upset if you get flamed...it's going to happen. ;)

I would suggest to you that there are many members (make that most members) who know a lot more about the B15 platform than yourself...for the moment. Do your research on here, ask the appropriate questions when the information can't be found through a search (in an appropriate manner) and people will be more than happy to help you out...myself included. ;)

Now that that's out of the way, welcome to the boards! Sounds like you got a great deal on the car, which leaves you some extra money to really play around with it. Be good to eat, do the proper maintenance, and keep it clean. Good luck and looking forward to pictures of the progress. :cool:

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deVic said:
really why's that?? got somethin bad to say about the cars that changed the industry?

anyways back to the thread, pics will be up this weekend, along with before and after pics.

Need an opinion:, should i put the factory nissan badge on the front or the SER badge?
Never knew Honda's changed the industry. If by 'changed' you mean 'made teenage kids think their cars are fast' then yes I guess they did. :rolleyes:

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im not a know it all here. ive dealt with SSAC before, their products crack like a mofo. my friend had a ssac turbo mani for his civic over a year ago, he went thru 3 of them within a few months!. It's too thin of material, i guess people have their own opinions, if you like it, then thats good i guess.

i think im gonna do the SE-R badge up front, i placed it there, looks sick. tonight or tomorrow im gonna do alot of work on it.

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Ha, as far as I know Honda didn't change the industry. Well from my stand point. They are cheap, can be made fast. But wait there was a car nissan made about 30 years ago that changed the sport compact industry. Anyone ever heard of a 510.


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if nissan = nismo then honda = homo.....

yea i sig jacked...

Dude you need pics or this is all talk, not saying you dont have it but you could be like that dumb kid that got kicked off a few weeks ago.
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