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ok So Theres Gonna be a Burger Throw down between myself and XSV matt and a few others using some charcoal grilles at the Beach BBq meet. Anyone else who thinks they got what it takes to win this .Feel Free to Speak up n enter yourself its an open Challenge . And for those of you who dont wish to cook, Thats Cool . Just bring your stomaches n we will provide the score cards .

This will be Purely Bring your own Seasonings if u wish to cook in the throwdown

What You Need to know

DATE : June 12-13th 2010 . THIS IS SET FOR RAIN OR SHINE !!!!!!

I was mentiond to about this hotel , Its decent prices n the place looks clean and is supposedly like 3 miles from the beach , so should be lots of good food n shops around .

I Advice People to book there rooms soon . anything close to the beach fills up real quick during the tourist Season.
He also brought up the Question whether this will be Rain or Shine Deal Since people will be coming from pretty far , And it would be tuff for everyone to change their reservations at the last minute due to weather bein on the wet side.

SO THIS MEET WILL BE RAIN OR SHINE > If it rains on us We Will Either use a park thats 2 miles away from the beach with Pavilions where we can keep dry or else we can Just all take a vote on what would be The most Preferable Backup Plan
I will post up a poll shortly for people to decide what would be most favorable in the event it rains on us that weekend .

Sunday Location : Sandy Point Beach

THe State Park/ Beach is right off Rt50 / 301 b4 u go across the Bay Bridge . Looks like it will be 5 or 6 Bucks a person to Get into the beach .

Here is a link to the site i found with info regarding the beach n state park . http://www.dnr.state.md.us/publiclands/southern/sandypoint.html

Activities available : We got Fishing ,Crabbing , cars, food ,Car Judging and Whatever else people wanna bring or do " Not to forget there will be plenty of beach bunnys we can try n bribe to model next to the specs

I will be getting plaques and trophys made up so we can try n do a little Car Show with 3 trohpys for best of Show . 1 for best Non Sentra and one or 2 for the Burger cookoff Guys . The plaques are awesome Btw :) IM jealous n want 1 myself .

NOW !!!

We are going to need some people to bring some good sides and drinks n tableware stuff. I have come up with a list of what all i think we will need yet So If you can help pitch in Please List what u will be bringing .

Heres what we need yet

Trail mix or chips / 2 bags should be plenty

Macaroni and potato salad / Enough to make 15-20 small portions of each

napkins plates n silver ware / enough for 40 People

Cups for the Soda / 40 cups minimum

Lg. bottles of Soda / 4 x 2liter bottles total should be good assuming they will give roughly 15 cups a piece. Preferably a Mountain Dew , Orange soda , Coca cola & a Pepsi , and i will bring an extra bottle as well as backup cuz i figure 25 people at 3 cups each . we should have 60 ish on hand and some people will probly have their own personal stash of drinks too :p

But thats what we need as of now , I will keep the list updated as we get people who Offer to help out ...

List of People coming So far

2k4 SER SpecV
CentralFLSentra SE R - Maybe
Obsidian - Maybe
LittleRedmachine - Maybe
PAspecV - Maybe
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