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January 2012 Ride Of The Month Contest

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Congrats to the January 2012 ROTM Winner Undertakernismo!

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Congrats to the January 2012 ROTM Winner Undertakernismo!
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A sweeping victory, no need to vote. Congrats Undertakernismo. I will PM you for some info.
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Wow congrats to you! I dont own a car but this is cool
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Congrats on the award! Car looks clean! We end up having to tow a lot of these older Sentras. Sad to see their time go.


Congrats to all winners! Thank you for sharing this article.
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Nice Rides! We do customizations if you ever need some work done. Thanks for sharing!
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Remember the days we had our Sentra and we would go from Brooklyn to Albany,NY back and forth because my uncle who is a dentist lives there. He gave me my ceramic braces for free.
I just wanted to say that I would automatically win this contest %100 out of merit because back in 2012 I was driving a tow truck! Lol obviously joking. I still drive a tow truck for scarboroughtow.com but I wouldn't change a thing.
This is a great car, I remember that my dad had one assigned to him for how and not only was it really comfortable but also it had a pretty cold AC sistem. If I bough one I would totally take it to mobile car detailing mesa because they're my favorite car detailing company in arizona!
Congratulations on the award, this is a beautifully maintained car! I would love to hear what it sounds like. lilly white crested gecko for sale
21 - 40 of 40 Posts