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Is there such a thing or any demard for...

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A bumper conversion from the 04, bumper + grille, to the 03 style bumper + grille, style. Becasue I think the 04 hood is hot, but I prefer the agressive 03 bumper look, also i like the way the grille is pushed back (straight up and down) Gimme some imput.
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input can be found by searching. this comes up like 3 times a week.
Sorry man my bad, I looked through the most recent couple of pages and I couldn't find it. After reading some of the other ones I can see how fed up you are with the question...

lol its cool man. basically, there's no way to interchange between the 03 and 04 without doing the whole kablooey
Anyone around here ever even attempt it? Kind of seems like more trouble tha it's worth, unless you absolutly need to have it look that way. I'm real picky so I guess I would almost understand?

in that thread - VoLcaNic 04Spec has it done to his, I'd ask him if I where you, he'd know best :p
Dude honestly I would just buy the black headlight for the b15 (pre 04) a CF hood, X-1 or OEM fenders then find the Se-R front. Keep all your ol **** in case you wreck. That way you have the parts if anything goes wrong. Otherwise you got a potential problem from the bondo piece on your front.
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