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My friend has an Si w/ NOS. He got his exhaust done for $270 (including muffler). It was not mandrel bent, but obviously it works good enough to get the NOS exhaust out fast enough. So my question is: Is there a noticeable difference between mandrel bent and custom piping? How complex is the midpipe for the B15? The Si requires 4 bends I think.

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Well, there is enough of a difference for it to be the preferred method.
There is an article about this on se-r.net I believe. Basically, the crush bent pipe is not of the same diameter at the bends as it is in the straight sections. Also, it may have ripples that greatly disturb the exhaust flow. The mandrel bent pipe is the same diameter in the bends as it is in the straight sections. It takes a $300,000 machine to do it. Even Stromung doesn't have one....they are that exclusive. Although, Scott says it is in the plans. No muffler shop will have the tools nesacary to do the work.

As for the B15 midpipe it is supposedly fairly complex. I think Scott said 5 bends. In addition it is about 7 feet long.

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