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i got this info back from magnacore ignition.

John wrote:
> i need part#-magnacore #40196, 47196, 45196
> 2000 nissan sentra se with 2.0 s20de engine.

The price for this is:

Electrosports-70 7mm cable, part number 47196 - $122.91
Electrosports-80 8mm cable, part number 40196 - $125.37
KV85 8.5mm cable, part number 45196 - $140.63
KV85 CN series 8.5mm cable, part number 43196 - $147.66
R-100 10mm cable, part number 49196 - $177.97
R-100 CN series 10mm cable, part number 46196 - $186.87

Shipping costs to US ZIP codes are included.

The 7mm (black) or 8mm (blue) cables should be fine for a standard
unmodified engine, the 8mm has a slightly thicker insulating jacket -
however not all sets are available in 7mm cable so it may not be listed;
the KV85 Competition 8.5mm (red) cable is intended for raced or modified
engines (it is not just a bigger cable, it is a different product that
has more capabilities for performance, suppression and heat resistance)
- however, the 8.5mm can be used on ANY engine with no problems; the
R-100 Racing 10mm (red) cable is the same basic cable as the 8.5mm and
provides the same performance and suppression, but has a thicker jacket
for more extreme temperature protection and insulation but is not
available for all engines.

The "CN series" cables (which are not available for some applications)
are special versions of our 8.5mm and 10mm cables that provide extra RFI
suppression and are mainly intended for ham radio, CB radio and similar
installations with unusual noise problems; the CN series cables do not
help with most other applications and take longer to ship because CN
series sets are always made to order - they are never in stock.

A dealer you could try locally is at http://www.optauto.com

Another, a wholesale deaer who has a referral service to local dealers,
is Pro-Motion at 626-333-1400


If you want to order by credit card we need;

name and shipping address
credit card's billing address (if different to your shipping address)
credit card's number and expiration date
credit card's customer number (for Commercial Cards only)
a telephone number, e-mail address or somewhere we can leave a message

We accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa. We do not have
a secure server, so if you do not feel confident e-mailing this
information you should fax it to me at 248-669-2994 (which is a direct
fax number to me) or telephone it to 248-669-6688. Please contact me if
you have any questions.

Other payment methods;

For shipments to most (but not all) US ZIP codes we provide a UPS COD
service for $6.00 extra (you have to pay by money order at your end,
there are some exceptions to the $6 such as Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico) -
we need the part number you want and your address. You can also pay for
your order in advance by money order or cashiers check; mail the money
order or check (payable to "Magnecor") to my attention to the address at
the bottom of this e-mail together with the part number you need, your
address and some way you can be contacted - if you send a personal check
you should be prepared to wait until the check clears our bank.

Prices are subject to change without notice and 6% sales tax is
applicable for Michigan sales.

Steve Brown - Magnecor (Michigan, USA)
Telephone: 248-669-6688
Fax: 248-669-2994
WWW: http://www.magnecor.com

Mailing Address:
3285 Martin Road 101
Walled Lake MI 48390

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I'll 3rd that. The ignition on our cars is capable of firing thru 6psi of boost if not more. There are NO GAINS TO BE FOUND with an aftermarket ignition on an n/a Sentra.

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well, guess so, since the same was stated in the se-r forum, stating our ingnition is top-notch for what we have.

thanks, but since most of my friends are honda drivers, they all have all the cool mods. kinda a jealous, i might say.
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