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If anyone is interested....

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how would it fit on a sentra...2000 that is?


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Did you see the list of cars they are supposed to fit? Almost every make is listed.
IMHO, there's nothing like the factory lights. I mean, some artists worked on the placement of major lines, proportions etc. And now I, with my big head, am gonna change those lights for something that is shaped different and claim it looks better.
Yeh, right.
When he says that it's a "perfect fit" he means with some CUSTOM BODYWORK. Those lights will NOT bolt right on. You would have to get the lights installed at a body shop where they will cut your sheetmetal and put a lot of Bondo to get the lights to fit. Then they have to paint the whole rear of the car. I will admit it will look nice but expect to spend like $600 for the labor.
i hate altezza lights anyways.

SR20DE..Sorry Si guys.
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