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I want a SE with PP 5spd!

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Hi all! I have been surfing your board here for about a month now and you have all talked me into getting a Sentra SE. The problem is that I wasn't planning on getting a car that expensive right now. However I think that it is worth it and would be a great car to have.

I have been into a dealer and I tested the GXE 2001 and was very impressed. Seemed to have good punch and speed. I was all ready to get that car with a spoiler but now I want the SE. It looks to me that you get what you pay for and everything that the SE has is worth the money.

So my question is that if I go for the SE with the performance package is it worth it? Like I am into stereos and will the 170 watt stereo suffice? How is it? How is the sun roof? Any complaints? Is the sport suspension make it that much fun to drive?

I mean I am a picky person and I really want the SE with the PP but of course that will add on about $5000 CDN onto the GXE. I am sure that the engine is better and more peppy but not worried about that. I want to know if it is worth getting the SE without the PP... or if that is the way I go, just stick with the GXE.

Hmmm it is a tough decision and just want to get as much info as I can before I go in debt for my life.
haha. I am also thinking of leasing since I should have a good job when I finish school in 2-3 years.

Anyways gotta write a midterm now.

Mike Z
Wannabe SE owner
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I own an SE with P/P and love it. I haven't had much seat time in the GXE, so it would be difficult for me to compare the two.

The real draw to the Performance Package is the Limited Slip differential, 16" wheels and stiffer suspension. It is a good deal for the price of the option package (at least in the USA.)

The suspension is notably stiffer on the SE with P/P. The SR20DE motor that comes in the SE has obvious tuning advantages over the new 1.8L in the GXE. THat isn't to say that the little motor is no good. It's a much newer, more advanced motor than the SR20DE. 2001 is the last year the SR20DE will be used in any North American Nissan Vehicle.

It sounds like money is your motivating factor. Obviously, buying a car that is outside of your budget isn't going to make your ownership experience very pleasant. You might consider looking at the GXE with the luxury package, or the SE without the Performance package. Staying within your means financially is very important.

I think whenever your looking at a new car, there is an initial tendency to fall in love with the top of the line model. However, the GXE is still the same car...has most of the options, and is a fun car to drive.

Options like the Sunroof just add cost to the car. It's not something you really need, and honestly how often do you think you'd use it. I don't have a sunroof on my SE, and I don't miss it a bit. YOur better off spending the money on something that CAN help you out like ABS brakes or side airbags.

Normally, I wouldn't give this much sensible advice. You just caught me on a good day.
Typically, I'd tell you to buy the fastest car you could possibly afford. Even if it meant eating Ramen noodles every night.

2001 SE, P/P, 5 spd Cloud White.
- Stromung Stainless Cat-back. (In a UPS truck...again)
- Hotshot CAI (In a Fed Ex Truck...again)
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i second that motion!!

my sister use to own a 1995 GXE.
she then later bought a 1998 SE.
now she has a 2001 SE (minus P/P).

i owned a 1998 GXE.
now i gotta 2001 Jaded Green SE with super-dupe performance package and ultra-cool 6 spoke alloy rims by O.E.M. and super-sweet-sounding 180 watt 7 speaker audion system and ... and ...

i am totally in love with my car.
cost was also a big factor for me as well. perhaps the biggest factor. but when you look at comparible cars in its class, like the Honda Civic sedan, Mazda Mirage or Protege, or the Chevy Cavalier or Pontiac Sunfire, Nissan offers more for less, or what we call MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK.

it all depends on your situation.
are you a family man?
familymen can own an SE! its a four door econo-rocket!!
have you ever owned a performance car before? whether it be a Mustang or a RX-7 or whatever. if you have, the SE delivers an enthusiastic drivers PUNCH that really makes you smile from ear to ear because that little petite SE engine is soo powerful and sweeeet.
are you concerned with insurance prices?
the SE is still legally considered a economical car. thats what my agent told me. even the classic SE-R is also.

i guess what i am trying to say is, if your a spirited driver who enjoys passing cars on the freeway alot quicker, or getting the jump on the car next to you to get ahead of the traffic light, or getting to the grocery store alot sooner, or getting cute looks from cute girlies on a Friday night while cruising the scene, or ... or ...

just continue reading the boards and you will see an unending degree of happiness and encitement from all Sentra owners.

im sure you will indeed Enjoy The Ride!

sincerely, JAMMO
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I think it's a matter of personal choice. If you like a more sporty riding car, the PP really gives you the most for your dollar. If you look at any of the other cars in its class - Civic, Neon, Protege, Sunfire/Cavalier, Corolla - not one of those cars gives you the performance this car does for the price it does. But, it's really up to you.

As for the specific items you mention: Sunroof - I have one, just got the car and have not had much chance to use it. Noticed the car was abit noisier with the sunshield open. As for the PP - even my wife noticed the 4 wheel dic brakes were significantly more responsive then in her Altima. The engine just rocks! Suspension is stiff - but I happen to LIKE that. Plus, I love the interior in Midnight - it makes the car LOOK more like a sports car. I'm not fond of that velour you see in most cars. My last car was a hand me down 1989 Maxima SE from my parents - it also had the sport interior. Gotta tell ya this Sentra is more fun to drive then even that Maxima was - and I loved that Maxima (which is probably why I felt it was worth it to go for the gusto on the Sentra - with all the luxury options..). As for the stereo - it's a good sounsing quality system. I;ve cranked it quite a few times, and I like the sound over even the Bose system in my Maxima. It's no audiophile's dream - but it is a high quality system for the cars of its class.

you should check out the reviews of small cars on Edmunds.com - MAN they loved the Sentra. Look at how well it does compared to all those other lame cars.... Even the standard stereo came in second. The only car they liked more wa sthe Focus and i cannot figure out why - that thing looks like an overstyled piece of junk.

Anyway...that's my 4 cents....

2001 SE, Radium, PP, Rear Splash guards
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Oh and if you were wondering why I got rid of my Maxima - two years ago I had the trans replaced by Lee Myles. It took them 6 visits to get it right the first time, then it went back 3 more times after that - once for another rebuild on the trans. i finally decided, after much arguing with them about how this was unacceptable, that it was time to put Maxie to rest, and traded her in for the Sentra SE. That Maxima was otherwise in tip top shape, and I was sad to see her go, but at least a Nissan dealer got her.


2001 SE, Radium, PP, Rear Splash guards

Just picked up my radium SE w/pp last week.Can't compare it to the other modles but as far as I'm concerned the car is great. I have had no problems as of yet but then again I haven't realy had that much time to discover any. The stereo might leave you a little wanting if you are a real sound system kind of person, it does me just fine though, the performance suspension however is very noticable and very good for a sedan. Feels like the car is on rails, not a vet by any means but I am guessing that the differances between the SE with, and the SE without the PP are quite noticable.
Any way, I give this car a huge thumbs up.
By the way , I also paid in Canadian money and I think the extra was worth it. Another word of advise, TEST DRIVE TEST DRIVE TEST DRIVE, then make your choice.
Good luck,

2001 SE, Radium, W/PP. 17% all around tint, Dark charcoal leather interior.
well I say if you can afford the SE w/PP then go for it...I myself couldn't afford it so had to decide between the reg SE and the GXE w/Lux Pkge...I have the GXE...it depends on what is important to you really...the SE has the bigger engine and I certainly wouldn't mind that but w/the Lux Pkge I got the alloy wheels, 180 watt stereo, 7 speakers, VSS and Immobilizer system, overhead sunglasses holder and map lights...since these aren't on the regular GXE and some not even on the reg SE I came out feeling good anyway...I don't have fog lights
but I do plan on getting a spoiler VERY soon!!!! Then I'll feel even better about my car! just thought I'd pass that along if you wanted to check out all the packages available before you make your final decision...
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You guys/gals sure make it hard to decide!
I want the SE with PP more than any other car but I don't think I can afford it.

I gotta work out my finances a few more times to make sure but doesn't look good.

I have test drove the GXE and was very impressed with it. I enjoyed how the shifting felt and I liked the umph it had(however compared to my 1987 Cavalier Station wagon that i drive now... ).

I think I will have to go with the GXE and live with it. If I can wait a little bit longer I might sucker myself into a SE... but I don't think that is the decision I want for the long run.

My current situation btw is single with 0 expenses except for school. I could afford the SE monthly payments but my problem would then be to pay for school without a loan.
I will have to keep debating and see how it goes. I want to pick up the new car before the end of the month. I have test drove other cars in the same price range as the GXE and nothing compares. I love the nissan.

Anyways more feedback would be great. This forum is great. If you keep talking to me about the SE i might go for it. I think the biggest selling point for me is the White speedometer! HAHA...

Mike Z

Mike Z
Wannabe SE owner
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To see if you like the SE w/pp, just test drive one. I've tested the XE and the SE and the SE to me is nicer, although the XE will surprise a lot of people.

Tell the salesperson that you want to drive it alone, they DO NOT have to accompany you.

Here are some number's that I talked to a dealer with just B4 Christmas time.

SE 5sp w/ sport package
MSRP + everything else:
21898 + 1140 = 23038

+ the friggin %15 taxes we have in Ontario:

- 2000 down payment = 24493

financed over 5 years = $527/month.

or leased at $366/month incl. tax.

This was done at Willowdale Nissan, and I also worked out a deal to get:
1 extra key w/ immob. chip
1 extra remote
6 in dash CD changer to be purchased at cost and installed at no charge.

Of course you can do better than MSRP, just check out this link :

"PB" gave me the invoice price, and I suggest that you ask him [nicely
] for it.

I'm not getting a SE btw, and it's a long story. You'll have to do a search to find out why.

Notice that I live in Canada too so the numbers are what you would be looking at too.

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My dream.......is a heated 100 car garage, a nice little house and a racetrack for my driveway......oh yes, a gorgeous & rich wife would be nice too!
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I'll give you a different perspective. You are an engineering student as I was once (35 years ago). I drove around a junker while in school. 9 months after I got my first job. I bought a new '69 Camaro 4 sp.-cash. Wore it out and bought the next one-cash. It's amazing how much extra money you have for other things. Think about it.

But anyway, I have the SE with only rugs/cabin air filter. I should have gotten ABS/Side Bags. The handling: 15" wheels/4 wheel disc is way/way more than any normal person needs. Needless to say I would have liked the 5 speed. Wife would not allow.

What engineering field?? I'm an ME.

Good Luck

Plain Jane Cappuccino SE
with AutoTrans
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For me, I got to drive the Corolla LE (friends car), the new Civic LX (had a loaner for 3 weeks), and the SE (mine). I preferred the SE over all of them. Why? The Corolla has a soft suspension which I personally don't like. The power is adequate, but the SE has the most out of all of them. The Civic is OK, but the price is high and the car feels cheaply made. The suspension on the Civic is tighter than the Corolla, but the SE w/PP has the stiffest suspension (I personally like that)! And the options in the SE is better equipped than the rest. (180watt, 7-speaker stereo,16-in. rims,lim.slip.diff., etc.) I got the 2000 SE w/PP 5-speed last June for $17,500.00 out the door. I live in Hawaii also, so they add on the shipping fee. So I THINK I got a good deal. If that is in your budget, than opt for the SE.

2000 Black SE w/PP, 5-speed, electronic rustproofing, undercoating, 29% smoke tint, amp w/two 12in. subs, upgraded bulbs, custom front and rear Wet Okole seat covers, to be continued....
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Personally, I think if you can't get the SE w/ PP, that you stay with the GXE. You'll get more that way.

You mentioned leasing. In your case, that might be a good option to get the car you WANT now, but can't afford now. Talk with a dealer, and see how the #'s play out. If you are willing to pay a little more later, you might be able to get into a more expensive car now.

A lease will get you a lower monthly payment, but you don't keep the car at the end of the term, or you pay a little more to buy the car at the lease end.

The key is if are you willing to pay x dollars more for y car with z features that you want.

2000 SE w/ PP auto in Heatwave

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