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I don't understand what it is that sentras have on them to say "Hit Me". I didn't get hit but I came aweful close the other day. I was on my way to the mall. You will never guess why lol. Well it has a parking garage and I wanted to hear how my exhaust would sound lol. Yeah so I'm obsessed. Well anyways I had just pulled from the stoplight when this Chey Astro pulles out right in front of me. Well I slammed on the brakes, and I was grateful for ABS then b.c the roads were wet from rain. I stopped maybe a foot away from the side of this guys van. I saw him look to his right before he pulled out but he never looked to the left. He did look after the kids in the van pointed out to him that I was right there. He said clearly "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Shittttt " lol Then he rolled down the window and had the nerve to yell at me for almost hitting him . LOL What a jerk. Like I was trying to T-bone him or something lol.

2001 Blackout Se with PP
Custom Grilles,Painted Valve Cover,Strut Bar, and Engine Bay Accents. Stromung is on and CAI is comming soon.
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