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Ok kids here we go again, pay attention, take notes and reply to this thread if u have any questions/comments or would like to add something i forgot. I have more pics of the install process but i didnt upload them cuz i didnt think we need them but if u want to see something in more detail lmk!

Toolz u will need:

- Phillips screwdriver
- Flat head screwdriver possibly
- 10mm Socket and ratchet (to disconnect battery terminal)
- Crimping Tool
- Gator Clips (for testing stuff out before u connect everything f
- Soldering Iron
- 60/40 solder
- Electrical Tape
- wire strippers
- shring tubing
- lighter

Also you will need a tachometer and a tach adapter. You simply cannot pull a rpm signal off the ECU or the coilpacks.

I used the MSD Dis-Tech 8913. Alternatively you can use the Autometer 9117 as it works also and it shares the same amount of wires and theyre all labeled the same colors and serve the same purposes.

As you can see i added extra wire to my harness well in advance. i also added spade male/female connectors and an eyelet connector to the ground wire. All connections were soldered and shrink tubed.

NOTE: I could not find red/green wire to use for extension so i extended it with green wire only.

If you dont have a solder gun, this mod is not for you!

Here's a tach i bought for experimental purposes. If this didnt work, i wouldave hated to get stuck with a $200 tach. Cost me $35 at Advance Auto.

OK, let's get right to it.

Take off your sill plate, the kick panel and the glove box. Behind the glove box you will see 2 screws, remove those two screws and youll be able to take out a black shield down there.
Here's a pic: DISREGARD my crossover box. It has nothing to do with the installation.

Now, get on your knees on the floor and look underneath the dashboard and u will see this!

push that little box up and disconnect one round connector and drop the box down as far as u can. Disconnect the plug off the relay on the Right side.

Hello Little Plug! u see that green wire with white stripe?? that's your FRRRRRiend.

I cut you!!! yeah that's right! you cut that bastard guy!

Next you bring your trusty little TACH ADAPTER and connect the wires like you see on the picture.

RED = Plug Connector Side

RED/GREEN = Harness Side



This is where i mounted my tach. If you dont like it go eat a penis.

Every tach is differente. However mine was:

Red = Positive Power with Starter

Black = Ground

Green = TACH Signal (this one would connect to the tach adapter's GRAY wire)

White = Illumination Wire (Dimmer Switch)
Positive Wire:
I found an empty slot on the fusebox and used a spare fuse and shoved it in there. i left this for last and i was going to do trial and error to see which fuse would have ACC switch but i nailed it on the first try.

It's on the Yellow 20 btw.


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Illumination Wire: Pull out the dimmer switch and splice into it.

- Run your tach signal wire to the tach adapter and connect them.
- Connect the Black Negative to the Chassis.
- Tidy everything up.

I tucked it away in that little hole.

Boom done.


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i like your captions..... !! Job well done... nicely explained..!!


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good job on the write up dude :) finally a write up for those that don't have one. again good job :)

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well then.. now u can motior ur engine spped to decide how SLOW the qg is going. YAY!!! but with header, exhaust, and twin dual loop muffler, HAHA.. but good job on the install

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All you need now is a vTACH gauge and you'll be cool.

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GHSER7 said:
I don't like where you put it, and you shoulda gotten a AutoMeter Monster tach ....lol

eh it's cute for a QG guy. ;)
yeh, its actually quite small so i have to completely take my eyes off the road to look at it. But really for what its for (track use) its fine since the race is a straight line and i usually look at my mph needle the whole way down the track anyways ROLF :p
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