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So first off,
Yes, I realize this is an awful idea, I just want suggestions and to figure out how terrible this is.

I got my 2002 Spec-V as a salvage, so the resenator box for the intake located infront of the drivers wheel was cracked and had a piece missing. I pulled out the box so now the intake for my car is three little stumpy things all located right infront of my K&N washable air filter.

I figure that all the air these guys are sucking up is the hot air from my engine, so I want to do some type of intake mod. Since I'm a poor college student I don't really have any money to spend; so I came up with a brilliant (a.k.a. idiodic) idea!

I want to pull out my driver side fog light and run a house from it into the area where the box used to be, then put a loop in it(hopefully to reduce what I suck up by a little). From that empty area I want to then run the house up to the three stumpy guys.

This means ALL the air my engine will be getting will be the forced air from my fog light. Obviously I would disconnect the house from the three stumpy intakes whenever I had to drive on dirty or wet roads, but how stupid is it to run with the hose hooked up like half the time.

Is there anything I can do to make this idea less stupid?


What does the resenator box really do? Is it useful?

If I end up not doing the RAM air should I get another resenator box or what?
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