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how many peeps we got in h-town????

2kSentra se w/pp heatwave
jwt pop, hs headers, smc ss, tint, custom exhaust, momo combat shift knob
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right here, brahhhh!
here too . . looking for a place to get my brakes down at.
theres plenty of people down in houston. PLENTY. they're all pretty damn cool too
rite on...
SPEC_V_Kidd said:
rite on...
cept for you. LOL
Yeah, we meet up quite a bit (we being Niceguy, Specvspeed, Gladius, Houstonser, and even Oki_boy from SA quite often).

And Oki's right, we are pretty damned cool :D j/k
blah houston blah
CoilPacks said:
blah houston blah
dont be jealous suckah!!
im the monkey in the middle :(

--------- = I-10 freeway
houston--------------katy---------------san antonio
Im here too! Don't really have anymore time to meet up like I did before
oki_boy said:
dont be jealous suckah!!
We've been trying to get your assss down here Joe!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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