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Welcome to the board.
I'm from a similar background as you. I owned a 94 Accord LX auto(slightly modded) before I got the 2000 SE.

The Sentra is a great little car. The ride and handling with the Performance package is awesome. It handles like my Accord did with Eibach Prokit/Tokico HP but with more ground clearance. I know that Eibach makes springs for the Sentra but nobody makes shocks yet so you gotta wait.

Aftermarket is not as strong for Nissans as they are for Hondas. Jim Wolf Technology, Place Racing and Hotshot are some of the major aftermarket companies that offer support to the B15 Sentras. Check out the homepage for www.b15sentra.net and go to some of the sections that tell you all about the aftermarket support.

Things I like about the Sentra over my Honda are that it's much faster, handles just as well (of course I had to put a lot of money into my Honda to make it handle like that), excellent brakes, really fun to drive, much stronger bottom end so if you wanna turbo or NOS, you can do it without worrying (the F22 engines had really weak internals).

Dislikes: Cheesy interior materials (more like a Civic but then again, it's made to compete with Civics), little minor squeaks and rattles (but then this could be cuz Boston roads are so bad).

Hope this helps. Overall, I LOVE this car and wanna set it up for autocrossing. I have about $9000-10000 coming from the insurance company so I'm trying to talk my wife into letting me spend some of it on the Sentra.

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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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