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hello to all,
so i am building de QR25De and i want to eventually turbo the car,
i want to know if someone has or have had a similar setup as mine,
i want to know the following:
if i want to daily this car and i want to use 92 OCTANE, at 10.5:1 compression with a turbo..
is this doable?
what would be the most PSI i can push safely with 10.5: compression?
any idea of the expected WHP output?
i have sleeved the block and i am building the block (JW C1 cams, ARP head, cam and flywheel studs and bolts) B16 crank, CP pistons, K1 rods, ATI super dampener.

i mean i am spending quite a bit of money, but i want this fast and reliable..

let me know if this is possible... or your thoughts..
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