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I'm not a new Sentra owner by a long shot as I've had quite a few early ones (one B12 and two B13's). I am however new to the B15 line. I had a relative give me a 2005 1.8S that is surprisingly rust free and in decent if not great condition otherwise. Due to the rust-less nature of this car I decided to see if I can get it into better shape. Did I mention it's got a salvage/rebuild title dating back to literally 2005? Might have been banged up during it's trip from Mexico to the US and they couldn't/didn't want to title it as new is my best guess. Either way it's got 113,000 miles on it since the title was marked salvage/rebuild so I'm not too worried about it.

Anyway, onto my Sentra and what I've already done to it. It needed suspension work out of the box so I just redid the entire thing from control arms to strut assemblies, it's all new. Next up was a simple to fix evap issue where the gas wasn't getting to the tank, a 10 minute canister valve replacement later and all is well. Finally I got around to the OEM tuneup with basically all Hitachi parts from the coils to the crank/cam sensors. That killed a nice sunny Saturday but it now runs nice. The only issue remaining is the hard start that it had from the get go, and from what I'm reading on this forum as well as elsewhere it's the fuel pump regulator....might just replace the pump anyway just because it's probably 17 years old and hopefully it fixes that along with it. Any suggestions on which pump is the best would be greatly appreciated (I'll post about it where it belongs on here). Here's a pic to introduce this car here and I look forward to adding to this fine forum in the future!

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