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Here's a REAL Nissan Sports sedan

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Wow, that Max is nice! Hey Russ, you see this one?later

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HAHAHA...he wants $55K for that??? Give me some of that stuff that he's smoking cuz it must be GOOOOOOOD.....
That is a bit pricey.....


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Yeah, it's a bit spendy... but I'd definately drive it!


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$54 thousand!!!!!! damn!!

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yeah but its canadian money

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Canadian? oh...i missed that. Then I guess $55K isn't so bad.
God that's hot. I think I need a changing.

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would someone with a canadian dollar converter on their scientific calculator please convert those numbers to american dollard for the rest of us?

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OH, i ride in a
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in da future i wanna
PR CAI, Stillen front-end, and a nice sexy exhaust note.
guys, if it is Canadian dollars... it's about :eek: $36,666.66 USD :eek: (Very rough est.)

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Well if you went by TODAY'S exchange rate it would be EXACTLY

$37,253.76 USD

Not a bad ride at all actually. The price seems reasonable. Maybe offer like $33k :)

Mike Z
Wannabe SE owner
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