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Within the past several days it's been cold and rainy in NC. My 2001 Sentra SE manual with 195k miles and original clutch has developed a SEVERE noise in the front end. At first I thought it was wheel bearing or axle related since I had just paid a mechanic to replace the front right bearing/hub/axle in October since I was getting a very similar sound.

When I brought the car back to the same shop this week assuming something may have gone bad with the work they had performed, they stated everything with the wheel bearing and axle they replaced was good; they believe the sound is now related to something in the transmission. Is there another bearing after the axle (maybe part of the transmission) that could be going bad and making this similar type of noise?

The noise is not present while accelerating or braking hard, only when cruising at the same speed or decelerating by coasting or lightly braking. It is a very loud noise though, clearly can be heard from outside the car as well. When you come to a rolling stop at a sign or light, you start hearing clicking. It's hard to explain car noises, but if you've experienced a bad wheel bearing or axle, it's basically those types of sounds.

Anyone have any ideas?
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