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Hi again,
I tried to post in the technical discussion forum but I guess I don't have access just yet. I will post it later there if and when I am authorized.


I have a 2000 Nissan Sentra (not an SE) with an automatic transmission and 1.8 L engine.

Generally my car seems to run fine. There might be a very slight rough idle sometimes but barely enough to mention. It always starts in the morning (from a complete cold engine) without stalling ever. However, I would not say it is a continuous smooth idling when it is warming up. I don't experience any problem with acceleration nor am I limited to a certain amount of RPMs when running the car. It never stalls at the stop light when idling. I have only experienced it in weather that is about 40 deg F and colder so far since I have it a short time. It also starts up with no problem as long it warm and within about 45min or less from the time the engine was turned off (probably warms means more than the minutes).

The problem comes up when after I have ran it long enough to warm up, I turn off the engine and later come back to start it up about an hour or two later to find that it wants to stall (and does stall). It does not immediately stall on starting it up within the first couple seconds. It seems to do a sort of high idle at 1200 RPMs or so for about 5 seconds but then do some readjustment and the RPMs fall to about 800. No readjustment is made in the engine to send it back up to higher RPMs so it basically loses its ability to idle and stalls after falling further in RPMs below 800.

I have had trouble codes checked twice. Both times it brings up both P0171 and P0174 codes.

The causes for these two codes is a long list according to the repair manual which I would like to narrow down hopefully through someone else's experience and understanding given my car's symptoms. I have already had the throttle body cleaned and also replaced the spark plugs.

I am not a mechanic nor will I be working on it due to a certain physical inability. I guess I am hoping I can find out enough to direct my mechanic to the problem in order to lessen my costs.

Given my circumstances with this car, does anyone have an idea of what it could be exactly?

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p0171 - fuel injection too lean
p0174 - fuel injection bank 2 too lean

try cleaning your maf using only cnc maf cleaner, follow the directions. make sure you have no air leaks, or loose/broken hoses after the maf, basically there should be 0 leaks from your air filter all the way into the motor. extra unmetered air will lean out the afr. the maf is metering your air intake, it could be faulty, but check for leaks and clean the maf first see how you make out. its also possible your upper o2 sensors, or maf itself need to be replaced.
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