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haha hot dam were back

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I was getting sick of ezboard

all your base are belong to us
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hey we all was but I look at it this way it was a home away from home,,,but at the least we have our home back


Black 2k SE Performance/package

17x7 Konig-Caffeine's ,Stillen front spoiler and pop-cone intake,Aluminum dash kit,Remote starter,35% Tint,Aluminum Pedal Kit,APC Super white headlights and fogs and front and rear turn signals,Ventshade-ventvisors,Custom Front Grille,Stromung cat-back,Place Racing CAI (in the mail)......


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Well, it looks like the transition went pretty well. A few of us had problems (me included), but it looks like we're back in business. I just hope that the posting slowdown is just related to people getting used to all the transitions we've been having, and not something else... Just tell every Sentra owner you can find to join our board!


1994 Sentra E
"The Ghettoblaster"
Major Mods:
Broken air conditioner, scratch on passenger B-pillar, dent on left side, rock chips, peeling clearcoat on driver's door...
Other Crap:
Alpine stereo, short-throw shifter, white-faced gauges, exhaust
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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