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Dear B15Sentra

I have recently been involved with Amsoil and they have registered me to become a dealer.

I am able to offer you a 10-30% off any Amsoil product. Amsoil Products Range from Automotive, Farm/Construction, Pleasure crafts, ATVs, Dirt Bike...ect. I can register you as a Preferred Costumer (PC) for six months or one year membership depending on how long you would like the discount, free of charge.

Once Registered you get 20% off any Amsoil product, within 3-5 business days of applying you will receive an Amsoil Preferred Customer Package in the mail or you can visit there website and see all there products and place your order right from there. In the Package that is sent out to each of the PC there are details about the PC account and the discounts offered. If you to would like to become a dealer you have the ability to upgrade like I did and this will allow you to register friends/family and earn a commission of any sales while also getting the Amsoil product for an even greater discount in turn you can generate more profit on the market up.

Just email or Call me your contact info with mailing address and you will get registered with in 24 hours If you would like to par-take in this with me

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Rob LoMazzo
[email protected]
Amsoil Dealer
Dealer Number: 5181895
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