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oh my gawd!! oh my gawd!! oh my gawd!! oh my gawd!! oh my gawd!!

guess what?
i got my new 2001 Sentra with P/P anda 5speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im so friggin happy guys. i havent posted in a long *** time and i apologize for not coming in to share the great *** news after i got it (its been 8 days now.) but i have been ENJOYING THE RIDE and ****.

my previous car was a 98 GXE whch i totalled in Aug '00, so there is not need to warn me and remind me to drive safely, i learned a valuable lesson. i lasted an UNBELEIVABLE 6 months without a car. i was chauffered to the store by my brother or sistere or mom or pops and it got terribly frustrating quick.

so heres the skinny:
on Valentine day, i go to Nissan Dealer and test drive the first SE i liked. 2001 with performance package. after the test drive we discussed numbers and i shook my head severl times in disgust, but my sales lady was so great, she got me what i wanted. i got it for $16,200 with only $200 down and $360 monthly (i know, its seems high, but my previous Sentra was $340 so the added $20 aint no biggie for me). and as an added plus, my insurance went down about %60 to WOO-HOO!!!

now i wanna rid my head of the mods i had planned for my little 98 GXE and fulfill my dreams of modding my 2001 SE.

heres what i think i want so far:
1. Place Racing CAI (do they still make the best one for us?) or should i go with a Stillen?
2. i read it several times in your own sigs and i must ask, WHAT IS A STROMUNG EXHAUST? whats their site URL? i would like something that closely resembles the look of the current exhaust twin-tips without too much of a rumble. i'd like to keep my baby stealthy and sleeperish!!!
<devilish grin>
<that freaking VTEC prelude lives down my block and terrorized me as a child, its time to register some pay back MO-FO>
3. remember how the previous gen Maxima had a decal on the rear doors that said something like "4DSS" i think it was for 4 Door Sport Sedan or something like that. where can a get and accurate coy of those decals for my baby? (OH, i forgot to mention, the color is a dark forest green. what is that called? Forrest or Hunter?)
anyways, on to numero cuatro:
4.i thunkt about a carbon fibre dash kit with door panel inserts. i havent seen nor heard about those before, but am sure someone here knows where i can find those. then i thunkt that maybe it look better if i go with a luxurious wood trim appearance. after all, my car is very nice, ahemm!
than i gave it some more thinking. i rather have a brushed aluminum or titanium looking material. actually, aluminum would be the ****. where can i get it?
and 5. a front kit. i love the rear, i adore the side sills, but the front must be tossed out. that unsightly horisontally mistreated air dam between the foggs is not pretty. who makes a nice replacement? i forget whose ride i seen on the boards but this dood has a black SE with a custom grille and a clean front mask. i think its a stillen judging by the appearance.
and finally.
6. id like to replace also the grille. i read the HOW-TO-ARTICLE written by the black SE owner i mentioned above. nicely detailed i might add! but id liek a different look. maybe of one that looks ... well, i dunno. who makes grilles for us?

wow. thank you in advance for your responses. if i dont come back for a day or two, its cus im out slowly adding miles to my baby. i havent driven for 6 months, so i got some making up to do.
oh yeah, b'fore i forget. how many mile must i drive to break her in?

i mean, i dont want to race, im simply cruising right now. but should the need or the desire arise to slap a supped up ****vic with DOHC-VTEC stickers on it, or something entirely different and quicker. i'd like to be well prepared and have no fear and know what my new SE is capable of.

muchas gracias, and i am indeed enjoying the ride. thanks

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thanks for the awesome replies everyone.

hey, lemme tell yall a little story about me and my twin sister real quick: back in March 1998 i bought my 98 GXE brand spanking new. i was convinced that i got a great deal and bragged to everyone how much i loved my little 'sporty' economy car. less than one week later, my twin sister went out and got herself a 1998 SE!!!!!!! she passed up the five-speeder in favor of the automatico, so boo-hoo. anyways i have adored and lusted and actually made love to her car in the middle of the night for almost two years!! j/k
but seriously, i didbnt know what a SR20DE was untill she let me drive har car one day late in march 98 and man i was hooooked. i mean hOOOOked with capital OHS - hOOOOked!! and now, about two years later, here i sit typing gleegully about my new power-ride.

well, she goes in today to trade in her old 98 SE in for a Radium SE with sunroof and automomatico again. i wish her the best, cuz for the first time in our twin lives, i got the goodies first!


oh, by the way, when some of you say that you got a gascap holder? why does mine not have one? i thunkt it was a joke?? mine only has that little plastic-thingie-maa-bobber to keep it from falling off!?

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oh, and feel free to chat, my AIM SC is 'jam jammo'
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