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Originally posted by jam JAMMO:
guess what?
i got my new 2001 Sentra with P/P anda 5speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congratulations...glad you like it.

heres what i think i want so far:
1. Place Racing CAI (do they still make the best one for us?) or should i go with a Stillen?

CAI is place racing or hotshot. stillen and jwt have pop chargers. if you want one right now, i'd go with PR's. it is readily available.


under performance topic, there are SEVERAL threads on the stromung pipe. you have maxx to thank for that.

3. where can a get and accurate coy of those decals for my baby?
www.eurostreetgraphics.com can make whatever you want.

4.i thunkt about a carbon fibre dash kit with door panel inserts. then i thunkt that maybe it look better if i go with a luxurious wood trim appearance.
www.woodtrim.com www.dashkits.com www.legendfive.com are a few.

i rather have a brushed aluminum or titanium looking material. actually, aluminum would be the ****. where can i get it?


5. a front kit. i love the rear, i adore the side sills, but the front must be tossed out. that unsightly horisontally mistreated air dam between the foggs is not pretty. who makes a nice replacement?

the one you are looking at is from www.stillen.com. also www.erebunicorp.com (www.spoilers.com) also has 2 kits available

i forget whose ride i seen on the boards but this dood has a black SE with a custom grille and a clean front mask. i think its a stillen judging by the appearance.

yes and it's SentraStyles P.O.S.

6. id like to replace also the grille. i read the HOW-TO-ARTICLE written by the black SE owner i mentioned above. nicely detailed i might add! but id liek a different look. maybe of one that looks ... well, i dunno. who makes grilles for us?

other than www.spoilers.com and custom, that's it for the grill right now.

oh yeah, b'fore i forget. how many mile must i drive to break her in?

manual indicates 1000 miles under 4000rpm. this has been a subject of many a debate here.

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