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Yup...after azninvasion and ill3, I'm next.

I was driving on Storrow Drive (in boston) and there was a sharp curve. I was going faster than regular traffic (but then I have the PP so I CAN) and in the middle of the turn I think my right front tire blew out cuz the car just lost it. I've done this turn at MUCH faster speeds before and had no problems with it. the tail started to swing out to the left so I did the opposite lock thing but the car actually turned futher left until I did a 180 and hit the curb. My front right suspension is AFU and my back rim has a huge notch in it. The frame is also slightly bent. Gosh, this is a crappy week. Does anyone know if the Sentra SE has the same model tire as the Altimas that Firestone had a recall on?

In case you wanted to know, my wife and I were both not hurt. :)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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