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Greetings from newbie

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Hello everyone,

I recently picked up my new Sentra. From what I've seen the people on this board are great and I'm glad I can join. Browsing around this board certainly helped ease my pre-purchase jitters somewhat. I went with the Sentra over the Civic EX and the Impreza 2.5RS. So far, I'm very impressed with my Sentra. The only thing keeping me from true satisfaction is a suspension issue that I'll write about in the Tech forum. I'm very appreciative of this great resource.

2001 Sentra SE, 5sp, Black, PP, ABS, SunRoof.
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Hola...and welcome!


Sportin Da ILL 2000 SE, Greddy Exhaust, HID Hyperwhite Head bulbs, Turn Signals, and Fogs, Free Intake Mod, Custom Made Grill, Vinyl Eye lids, Gas Cap holder, Sound system w/Amp, 1 1/2" Dome Tweets, and Sub...BOOM!
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welcome to b15sentra

2000 Nissan Sentra SE - HP RacingMotorsport Coilovers - Razo Carbonfiber Pedals - Razo titanium shift knob - Razo Shift Light - Nology Hotwires - Hotshot header and CAI on the way!!!
Yea...it's a great board. Lots of friendly people with lots of experience. You'll enjoy it.


Plain Jane Cappuccino SE
with AutoTrans
Car partly remanufactured
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welcome to the club

we'll try to answer everything you need to know or at least point ya in the right direction.....
also like 2000SE says if you have questions search all the archives for the different topics and your answers might be there


Black 2k SE Performance/package

17x7 Konig-Caffeine's ,Stillen front spoiler and pop-cone intake,Aluminum dash kit,Remote starter,35% Tint,Aluminum Pedal Kit,APC Super white headlights and fogs and front and rear turn signals,Ventshade-ventvisors,Custom Front Grille,Stromung cat-back(in the mail)......

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Hey, welcome to the board! And as my 10th grade algebra teacher always said, "There's no such thing as a stupid question."


"The Ghettoblaster"
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