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Well, that Pipercross airfilter came in the mail today. I ended up buying a different model from "Truechoice." This filter was only $40 thankfully! This filter isn't as good as the Vector series, but I hope it will work.

The filter itself seems to be well constructed. It uses a multi layer foam element sandwiched between two steel mesh "cages." This helps protect the filter and stiffen everything up. It also looks pretty damn cool.

This filter is meant to slide OVER the inlet pipe, so I will be ditching the coupling that the CAI will come with. If it doesn't work, I am back to square one. For that reason, I am keeping the packaging undamaged incase I need to send it back.

The filter at the widest point appears to be about 4.25" or so. I hope this will fit in the fenderwell without a problem. The overall length of the filter is about 6". It is a little on the small side.

Anyway, once the CAI gets here, I'll post pictures on how everything looks.

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