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...And it wasn't a planned event! Today, I had my car up on ramps doing an oil change. I needed to get a part from the Auto Parts store, so I just left the car sitting in the driveway. Well, my Dad decides he wants to turn on the sprinklers to water the lawn. Well, I had left my two front windows completely open. Aparently, one of the sprinklers isn't aimed so well, because when I got back I saw the sprinklers shooting water INSIDE my car!!

I ran to my car as quick as I could to shut the windows. The ENTIRE inside of my car was soaking wet. I had to get a towel to dry everything off. Luckily, no damage appears to have been done.

Whats more, my Dad didn't even apologize for doing it! I couldn't believe it. I almost felt like getting the hose out, and filling his car up with water. hehehe.

Let me just tell you that I was glad I had those Rubber floor mats today!

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That sucks.

I'm always afraid that if I leave the sunroof open, a bird will fly over and try to make a basket.

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