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well wassup fellow western members... im just posting this new thread about this guy that i met around in Downtown L.A. His name is Efren and his doing car complete datailing in less than $75 bucks... well i asked him about giving me a good detail, and he gave me the best i ever saw... its like for me.. that you could compare from carshows from physically, that what i had in my car was a great job....... I had my Carpet cleaned.... and also i had my underfenders cleaned well, and armored oil.... and the best thing of all... buffed my paint, detailed my engine nice and clean and i saw the sparkle through inside out like a brand new SPEC V off from the dealer.... well im just trying to write this beacuse we all know that going to a detail shop is expensive as hell... so hopefully it'll give you guys an idea to save a few bucks as well MAKING our cars look and smell good

if you guys are interested call this:
323 257 7927 (H)
323 687 4051 (C)

and he will give you an inforamtion about Automobile detail
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