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As a owner of the 1997 Honda Prelude, all I have to say is, I'm gonna miss it! I love that car, but my lease is up in 2 months! I am shopping around for a new car, Sentra caught my attention, biggest bang for the bucks! I'm just not sure if I should wait for the new SE-R or just take the SE Sport. One thing really turns me off is the antenna. I hate it in the front, I rather have it 1) on the roof 2) the rear fender or 3) in the glass like Honda! Anyway, does anyone know if I can replace it with a rubber cork (that is, if I twist the antenna out, I'll need something to fill the hole) and if anyone knows how to re-wire it to those stubby rubber cool looking ones for the roof of the car (like a Volkswagen)

1997 Honda Prelude Type S
Getting a Sentra SE Sport soon!
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