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I want to replace the burned out bulbs that are inside my dash. the ones that light up my gauges and my Heat/AC.


How many bulbs are there and what sizes (dimensions too as i want to use LEDs so that I dont have to replace them again ever)

How do I get behind the gauge cluster? (I already know how to take out the HVAC module).

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are you looking for this sticky in the tech section?

as for the gauges, you just pull the trim around the gauges, 2 screws. then 4 more screws and the cluster is lose. just pull off the wiring harnesses. you may have to put the steering wheel down, and turn pieces the right way to fit them out, but they come out. i believe theres about 5 sockets on the back of the cluster, they are black or brown sockets that twist off the board and have a bulb in them, it shows the position in the fsm. with some searching, you should be able to find the writeup for the led gauges.
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