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NISMO Badged Gram Lights 57c's 17x7.5 4x14.3 lug pattern

I've had these since 2006. They are in mint condition only one small scratch smaller than the tip of my fingernail, not worth mentioning and you won't notice it unless I point it out, center caps included.

They've been sitting in my basement for 3+ years now and I only pull them out on occasion to change the mood. It would be very hard to find a set as clean as these without buying them new. Don't want to let these go because they are so nice but I have a mod itch and need the dough to scratch it.

Asking 600$
Located in Fredericksburg VA

Tires are Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R's 245-40 17 and they are down to the wear bars but will still outgrip your all seasons any day of the week. I would just watch out for puddles or heavy flowing water at speed. These were my track/autox tires so the shoulders are worn. I can unmount them if you don't want them but we will have to work that out $$$. It would probably be around 20$ to unmount and disposal fee.

I preffer a local to snag these up but I can ship on your dime, it would be cheaper to ship without tires but we will have to work that out, again more $$$.

Circa 2007

Last month

Picture added of the tiny scratch. I must have hit a bug or something.

I've had a lot more interest in these than I initially thought, makes me think I should have asked for more money :D

Anyway, for those of you asking me how much shipped to whatever zip code you're at, here's a link where you can hook yourself up because it would take me a while to do estimates for all of you.


each wheel weighs 17.6 pounds without tires plus whatever packaging so add +2 (box and bubble wrap) for 20 pounds approximately per wheel.
My zip code is 22407.
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