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Looking to trade my Grids. Had them for a while now and ready for something different. Bought the wheels about 2 years ago brand new. Usual small dings from being on a daily driver for the past 2 years. All wheels are straight though, no bends or cracks, perfectly straight. Tires are 215/45 Hankooks. Tires are also right at 2 years old, there's a decent amount of tread left, with some camber wear on 2 of them. Couple marks on a couple of the tires from rubbing, but nothing bad.

As stated in the title:

Rota Grid, full royal sport bronze.
17x9 +25

Mainly looking to trade right now. But if I had to put a price on them, I would say $800 with tires.

I also have all the centercaps, they just aren't on the wheels in the pictures.

Looking to trade for 17's, must be 4x114.3, x8 or x9 with around a +35 offset.

Located in central KY. Not looking to ship these right now. I'm in no real rush to sell these.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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