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FS: 2004 SER Spec V w/Brembo Brakes 108K and blown motor. Header and Nismo CAI

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Hi all,

For sale is my 2004 SER Spec V w/Brembo Brakes 108K and blown motor. The frame, suspension, clutch, tranni, breaks, tires, chasis were all good. Interior and paint is good too for a 2004 w/108K. The driver's side was repainted because it was keyed. Bumpers have a few dings and small cracks. Has a Nismo intake with less than 5K miles on it and a brand new SRS header in a box with a o2 adapter made my Markspecv will be included for the right price. The car is at the garage so here is a like to all the pics of the car. Starting from two years ago until a few days ago when I went to garage where the car is. Car is still in good shape considering.

The car needs to be cleaned and the bumpers have a few marks. Lights are a little bit foggy now.

The back seats are clean, they look orange in that picture. Also, there is a worn spot on the drivers seat on the corner that I forgot to take a picture of. The car will be at my house this week and I can take a picture of whatever anyone would like as well as have you up to check it out.

Here is the link to the pictures:
http://s9.beta.photobucket.com/user/Foci4life/library/2004 Nissan Sentra SER SPEC V


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Your pictures aren't working
Are you willing to part the car out??
If so how much for the taillights, stereo, and the whole brake set up? (Rotors & calipers)

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